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Roanoke Academy for the Sorcerous Arts is located on the Floating Island of Roanoke, currently moored in New York’s Hudson River, just north of Storm King Mountain. The beauty of the Hudson Highlands lends to the atmosphere of scholarly pursuit.

 Roanoke Academy is the only institution in the world that offers instruction in all seven Arts of Sorcery.


This means you can  study Enchantment alongside Alchemy, or Conjuring alongside Thaumaturgy.


This allows advanced students to specialize in Arts, such as cryptomancy and Obscuration which are not taught anywhere else.

Roanoke Academy consists of three separate facilities:


The Lower School for elementary and junior high children of the Wise.


The Upper School for high school age students of Wise or Unwary background who are interested in instruction in sorcery.


Roanoke College for those wishing to pursue advanced sorcery and achieving Rings of Mastery in one or more of the the Seven Arts.

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